Balian Stone

BALIAN Flooring is a type of Stone Polymer floor, meaning that this type of floor is made of a combination of stone and plastic, especially natural stone, polymer and stabilizer. This makes BALIAN Flooring strong, durable and scratch resistant.BALIAN Flooring has a sturdy coating structure, so it will make you really feel like on a concrete floor.Designed quite thin but has high strength and durability which makes it usable in all areas, both residential and commercial with high traffic.    Strong and Durable: BALIAN Flooring is a type of parquet and vinyl replacement floor
    Scratch Resistant: Anti-scratch coating ensures your floor is safe from friction of feet and furniture
    100% Waterproof: Safe from damp and humid
    Easy to Install: With an interlock system, it can be installed without glue, faster and cost-effective
    Shrinkage-free: Safe from problems with shrinkage, even in humid conditions
    Easy Maintenance: Simply clean with a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner
    Soundproof: Helps absorb sound and reduce noise on the floor of your building
    Natural Wood & Stone Appearance: It has a look and texture that closely resembles stone and wood so that it can meet the needs of the design concepts needed
    Safe to Install: Can be installed on an uneven floor or directly on the old floorACCESSORIES
To connect two floors with the same height2.4 meters longSKIRTING
To cover the gap between the wall and the floor2.4 meters longREDUCER
To combine two different height floors2.4 meters longSTAIRBOARD
To protect the end of the stairs2.4 meters long

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