The WALL STORY product is the first environmentally friendly home and interior decoration product in Indonesia; wall panels with a new concept to decorate your room's wall or ceiling decoration with quality materials. WALL STORY gives an extra dimension to the walls of your room so that it looks beautiful and modern, both for residential and commercial projects: hotels, office lobbies, retail outlets, restaurants, trade shows and more. WALL STORY wall panels have a variety of shapes, styles, patterns, textures, and colors. They can be painted in any color to suit your taste, lightweight and easy to install. WALL STORY wall panels are easy to clean and maintain and give a touch of luxury to your interior wall space at a reasonable price. - INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Wall Story products are a modern innovation for the design of your room, which makes your room look elegant and luxurious. Another reason is that these textured wall panels allow you to create all kinds of unique and themed interiors.- DURABLE AND LONG LASTING Wall Story products are very durable and koko. This panel will not dent or become damaged if exposed to adverse weather conditions or if handled roughly. This modern, durable wall panel feature makes it an excellent investment for a home makeover.- EASY INSTALLATION One reason why Wall Story products are the best choice for home makeovers is that the panel installation process is very easy and simple. While panels of different materials have a more complicated installation process, the installation itself can be done easily and quickly.- ECO FRIENDLY Wall Story products are made from natural plant fiber, which are bamboo fiber and sugar cane fiber, making it environmentally friendly. There are many interior decoration products that are used, but not many are concerned with environmentally friendly material products. By using natural raw materials to make these wall panels, not only are they very strong, they are also easy to install, without the need for professional help. There are many different designs to choose from, and although the WALL STORY panels are pure white, they can be painted to blend in with any decor. That's the flexibility of WALL STORY wall panels, making it ideal for most rooms in the home and work place.

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