The Advantages of the Tedmond Group Tandon Grand Water Tank.
1. Safe for Chemical Fluids.
2. Food Grade Material which is safe for consumption.
3. Body without connection and Anti-Break.
4. Firm and Durable.
5. Resistant to extreme weather changes.
Water Tank Reservoir Layers consist of:
1. Outer Layer: a colored layer that is equipped with Ultra violet (UV) Protection to inhibit the Growth of Moss.
2. Porous Layer: Texture Foam, to withstand impact so that it is not easily broken and more elastic. And maintain the temperature in the tank.
3.Inner Layer: White, odorless and slimy layer as a hygienic guarantee for a clean water reservoir. Smooth surface to facilitate tank cleaning.
Consists of 3 layers that make the Grand Pe tank sturdy and durable and resistant to extreme weather changes.
Grand pe tank material is safe for use as a collection of material to be consumed.
The Grand tank is equipped with a black lid with a very precise ergonomic design, making it easy to open and close the tank.
Guaranteed up to 12 years.
Multiple Layer: Consists of 3-layer technology
• OUTSIDE LAYERS, each tank is equipped with UV stabilization so that the tank will be protected from long-term damage.
• CENTRAL LAYER, Dark colored coatings that block incoming sunlight which can cause the formation of algae and lichens in the tank
• LAYER IN, Using HDPE material 100% pure odorless and white, maintaining the purity of water so that it is entirely safe for consumption.

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