Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Tray
As a placemat or cable rack, this cable tray is formed from an iron plate with a width of over 5 cm that blends the width (bottom) and the height. The bottom of a hollow cable tray must have enough open holes for air to pass through, at least 40% of the total cross-sectional area used to lay the cable.

Perforated cable tray or commonly called a cable tray is part of the Cable Support System with an ideal shape to be applied in cable installations that produce moderate heat. The holes in the cable tray provide adequate ventilation to avoid trapping heat or dust and moisture in the cable tray circuit.

Cable tray is also known as perforated cable tray / ventilated bottom cable tray.

Perforated Cable Tray Type (Cable Support System Products)
Traytek and Trayindo brand cable tray is available in 3 finishing options. For indoor use, you can choose electro plating finishing (dull silver color) or powder coating (varied colors, standard: deep gray RAL 9032). For outdoor use, you can use hot dip galvanized finishing (dull silver color).


We also produce cable tray with base plate material:

1. Aluminum

2. Stainless steel

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