General Tank Tank Profile• Moss free & care• UV 20 stabilizer for long-term use• Food-grade, safe for drinking water• Ribless and without connection, reducing the risk of leakage• Insulation coating that ensures water temperature stability• The inner layer of Plascobrite ™ makes it easy for inspection8 Attractive ColorsAvailable in 8 attractive colors that do not fade easily. Gives you choices that can be tailored to the color scheme of the housing and surrounding landscape.Sandstone, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue Green.Ergonomic lid Ergonomic design with precise threaded thread, closes more tightly and opens more easily. It has UV resistance and a high level of opacity to prevent sunlight from entering so that moss cannot develop.Filter The addition of filter features serves to prevent twigs and leaves from entering the tank when used as rainwater reservoirs.* for certain typesOto Level (Penguin® Switch) Automatic water level controller so that the water does not exceed the tank capacity.Plumbing & Fitting Single Union Ball Valve and Union Adapter are standard piping accessories that are provided free of charge with the aim to enhance and simplify your experience when using Penguin water tanks.Bulkhead and Plug Cover Made from UPVC Penguin® which is strong and durable, as a standard accessory that has been adapted to the national standard pipe size.

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