ACP Aluminum Composite Panel SEVEN 4mm Standard Size 1220 x 2440mm

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26 Feb 2022
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Specification of ACP Aluminum Composite Panel SEVEN 4mm Standard Size 1220 x 2440mm

Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP Seven is one of the wall cover material made of polyetheylene (PE) for interior and also PVDf material (exterior) which has an aluminum coating on both sides so that it becomes a unity. Aluminum Composite Panel Widely used for exterior walls of buildings as a combination of the use of glass, canopy panels, signs and billboards. For the Interior the building is widely used for partitions, column covers and also for artistic ceilings.
ACP Seven's Standard Size is:

1. Standard thickness of 4 mm.
2. And the standard size is 1220 x 2440 mm.
Type of Aluminum Composit Panel:

1. Type of Polyester or PE which is widely used for Interior needs.
2. Type PVDF (Poly Vinyl De Fluoride) which is commonly used on the exterior.
Several types of Aluminum Composite Panel Work:
1. Work exterior walls of buildings / facades.
2. Combination work from the use of glass, canopy panels, signs and billboards.
3. Work on interior wall partitions.
4. Work column wrapping.
5. artistic artistic work.
6. Lisplank work.
7. Art Design & perforated work (perforated plate).
8. Work with a Roll & Bending system.
The advantages of ACP Seven are:

1. Has a high resistance to impact.
The surface of the panel is scratch-resistant and will not break if curved to a certain angle, it will not change and remain as the original for a long time even though it is exposed to bad weather.
2. Resistant to weather changes.
Has good resistance to acids, salt, corrosion, and ultra violet rays.
3. Light and easy to do.
Weighing only around 3.5-5.6 kg / m2. So that cutting, trimming, drilling, and other workmanship can be done easily using only a simple tool.
4. Fire resistance.
This is because the middle part is made of polyetheylene (PE) which has good fire resistance, and two sides made from aluminum are also difficult to burn.
5. Has many Color choices.
Available in more than 30 types of colors, you can also order special colors according to consumer demand for products from certain brands.
6. Easy Maintenance.
Having the ability to self-cleaning so it doesn't need to be cleaned again. But in areas with very high levels of pollution can be cleaned using ordinary detergents.

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