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Aluminium Foil Woven Clima Single
Aluminium Foil Woven Clima Single
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Specification of Aluminium Foil Woven Clima Single


Aluminum Foil Shine Foil Woven Insulation SHINE foil is a foil specially designed with a function to protect the roof of your building from bad weather and changing conditions effectively and efficiently. Because SHINE foil has the ability to reflect ultra violet light directly. With proven quality, SHINE foil is the right choice to fight ultra violet rays and sunlight. SHINE foil is lightweight and easy to install and has high durability, so SHINE foil can reduce the cost of maintaining the building as a whole and keep the room temperature cool. Strengths of Shine Foil Woven Insulation: Sun Heat Reflection "Shinefoil Woven Insulation can reflect 95% of the sun's heat rays and can also be a layer of water retaining so that it reduces the risk of leakage that causes damage to your building. The heat of sunlight entering the room will be held using this Shinefoil Woven Insulation, and the temperature in the building is maintained. " Tear resistant and easy installation SHINE foil building insulation is made of strong material so it is not easily torn when used and is also useful as a water retaining layer to reduce leakage. Practical and Efficient SHINE foil is easy to install and the risk of damage is very small when used. SHINE foil can also be applied to various types of roof truss. Regulate Room Humidity SHINE Foil Woven Insulation is specifically designed to prevent the entry of moist air that causes condensation which results in a decrease in the durability of the roof of the building. Quality Products Shinefoil Woven Insulation is produced with a very strict process so that quality and strength are maintained. Installation Area: Shine Foil Woven Insulation can be installed on the roof, wall or floor area. Specification: SHINE FOIL Woven Single Sided Width: 1, 2 m Length: 50 m Area: 60 m2 Weight / Roll: 7 kg Diameter: 13 cm Technical specifications: Grammage (gsm): 95 + - 20 Thickness (u): 130 + - 20 Tensile N / 50mm MD Strenght: 400 - 500 Tensile Structure N / 50mm CD: 300 - 400 Elongation (%) MD: + - 20 Emisivity (Index): 5% Reflecticity (%) MD: 95% Bonding MD Strenght: 300 - 400 Bonding Strenght CD: 300 - 400

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