Zelltech ZT-01B Aluminum Foil
Zelltech ZT-01B Aluminum Foil
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04 May 2020
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ZELLTECH Insulation is a leading brand in the field of Reflective Aluminium Foil Radiant Heat Barriers for Roof Insulation and Vapour Barriers for Air Conditioning Duct INSULATION.

On a sunny summer day, solar energy is absorbed by the roof, heating the roof sheathing and causing the underside of the sheathing and the roof framing to radiate heat downward toward the attic floor. When a Radiant heat barrier is placed on attic floor, much of the heat radiated from the host roof is reflected back toward the roof. This makes the top surface of the insulation cooler that it would have been without a Radiant heat barrier and thus reduces the amount of heat that moves through the insulation into the rooms below the ceiling.

Under the same conditions, a roof mounted Radiant heat barrier works by reducing the amount of radiation incident on insulation. Since the amount of radiation strinking the top of the insulation is less that it would have been without a Radiant heat barrier, the insulation surface temperature is lower and the heat flow through the insulation is reduced.

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