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Aluminium Foil Zelltech ZT-04BB
Aluminium Foil Zelltech ZT-04BB
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Specification of Aluminium Foil Zelltech ZT-04BB

Aluminum Foil is an insulation material made of several layers of material namely metal paper reinforced with polyester or glass fiber yarn <scrim>, so that it has a strong range of strength, not easily torn. Aluminum Foil is specifically designed to reflect solar heat radiation up to 95%, so the room under the building becomes cool and comfortable. very suitable to prevent evaporation and avoid leakage.Product Excellence- As a heat reflector that can absorb heat so the room will be relatively cooler- Not easily penetrated by water absorptionSpecifications:Al / BIGbubble / AlSize of sheet 1.2 x 30 mBubble. 20 mm / 8mm thickweight of 430 gr / m2reflectivity 96-97%Emissivity 0.03-0.0499.9% pure aluminum foil, fiber-free does not produce corrosion, resistant to insects.

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