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Specification of APAR ABC Dry Chemical Powder

ABC fire extinguisher dry chemical powder is a fire extinguisher that can extinguish fire in the ABC class. Where class A is a fire caused by non-metal solid objects. Like for example plastic, paper, wood or fabric. Then for class B, it is a fire caused by gas, steam, or liquid. For example kerosene, gasoline, diesel, methane, and so forth. While class C fires are fires caused by electrical short circuits.
In APAR ABC dry chemical powder, there are various fillers. As the name implies, the material is a dry chemical powder. The workings of this type of extinguisher is to remove heat and oxygen content, stop the enlarged fire.
The ingredients of ABC Dry Chemical Powder APAR
    Monoamonium phosphate
    This dry chemical powder is effective in extinguishing ABC class fires. However monoamonium phosphate has corrosive properties compared to other dry chemical powders.
    Sodium bicarbonate
    This chemical, also called Sodium bicarbonate, is effective for extinguishing Class B and C. But not for Class A fires. This is because this material is quickly lost and there is a possibility of a fire returning if there is still heat. The way this chemical works is by removing carbon dioxide and blocking oxygen.
    Pottasium bicarbonat
    This material can extinguish class B and C. fires, but is most effective in extinguishing class B fires than Sodium bicarbonate. So this material is widely used in the oil and gas industry.
    Potassium bicarbonate and Monnex
    Compared to other chemical powders, these two chemicals are also effective in extinguishing class B and C. fires This is coupled with Monnex's ability to break down chemical powders to the smallest particles.
    Potassium Chloride
    This material is also suitable to extinguish fires class B and C. However, it has the disadvantage of being corrosive and leaving residues like powder salt.
    This material is another form of Sodium bicarbonate. Pyrokyl contains silica particles which can prevent objects from being exposed to oxygen which can make a fire quickly expand.
Now we are familiar with ABC dry chemical powder APAR ingredients. Although having deficiencies can cause corrosion or rust and leave residue, this type of extinguisher is effective for extinguishing ABC class fires.
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