Atap Plastik Go Green
Atap Plastik Go Green
Atap Plastik Go Green
Atap Plastik Go Green
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12 Aug 2019
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IDR 65.000

Specification of

Go Green Roof
The Go Green roof is a roof produced from steel plastic and the latest technology that produces high quality roof quality and flexibility. Roof Go Green provides the best solution for wave roofs that are sturdy, safe, not rusty, economical and durable. The Go Green roof is an option for those who want a roof that can withstand heat and muffle sound at a very economical price.Excess of Go Green Roof
Anti-Rust: Go Green is guaranteed to be free of rust and corrosion 100%, because it has high humidity conditions.Environmentally Friendly: All materials used by Go Green roof use environmentally friendly materials so that they can be easily recycled.Light and Flexible: Go Green is very light and flexible because of the flexibility of plastic combined with molecular structure, making the Go Green roof easy to handle in the process of mobilization and transportation.Anti UV Protection: The room temperature will be 30% cooler and protected from the negative effects of ultraviolet light, because of the Go Green roof top which is equipped with anti UV protection.Easy Application: The light weight and flexibility of the Go Green roof as well as the various sizes available, simplify installation work and save installation time and also save on expenses.Does not Contain Tonic: The Go Green Roof guarantees the health of the user and helps preserve the environment because the ingredients have passed the B3 test and are 100% asbestos-free.Superior Strength: The Go Green roof with the basic ingredients of the latest innovations made with a steel plastic formula gives this roof the strength that can withstand loads of more than 100kg.Economical Price: Roof Go Green has a very economical price compared to other wave roof products.

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