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Atap Polycarbonate X-Lite
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Specification of Atap Polycarbonate X-Lite

Polycarbonate X-Lite 11.8M X 2.1M X 4mm
Polycarbonate is a roof made of polycarbonate material, in the form of a flat sheet with a variety of colors. This roof is often used to make canopies, drying rooms, carport, warehouses and other spaces that need more natural sunlight. The main characteristic of this roof is that it can provide protection from the amount of rainwater that drops but also can absorb sunlight almost 90% so that the space below it still looks bright. Besides that Polycarbonate also has several advantages including:


Can reduce solar heat radiation
Printed in sheet form, making it easy to use in large areas
Fast installation process, so it can save time
Easy to find on the market
Water proof
Termite free
Polycarbonate roofs are sold in sheets with a length of 11.8 m and a width of 2.1 m.

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