Semi-Transparent UPVC ROOFTOP roof

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24 Feb 2022
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Specification of Semi-Transparent UPVC ROOFTOP roof

CV.ASIA BANGUN KARYA, Selling PVC Rooftop Roofing Products,

PVC Rooftop is a uPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roof which has excellent quality and is suitable for application as factory roofs (Chemical, Food, Salt, and all other factories), Warehouses, Housing (Canopies, Roofs for Cars, House Roofs, Gazebos) , etc.), Commercial Buildings (Malls, Restaurants, etc.), Sports Buildings & Stadiums, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Industries, Parking Fields, Religious Buildings, Schools and Educational Institution Buildings, Offices.

The Latest PVC Rooftop has a very good advantage in which the material used is PVC material which is well known for its high performance with anti-UV and heat protection additives. The Latest PVC Rooftop, has a very low heat conductivity. PVC Rooftop roofs do not transmit heat as easily as roofs with other materials. Our special anti-UV additives and heat protection ensure that 71% of the sun's heat is reflected, while the rest is absorbed and insulated by Rooftop's dual wall structural system.

Another benefit of a PVC Rooftop is that a PVC Rooftop roof can reduce sound by up to 15db. This feature is very useful, especially during the rainy season because the PVC Rooftop can significantly reduce the sound of raindrops because the Rooftop has a double wall structure and twin-wall air cavities. In addition, the advantages of PVC Rooftop roofs are that they are not easy to rust, have mechanical strength that is able to withstand a load of 540 Kg, There are options for semi-transparent rooftop products.

This allows you to save more money because this semi-transparent PVC Rooftop is able to penetrate the sun by up to 20% so it saves electricity costs for the lights during the day.And there are many more advantages of PVC Rooftop that you can enjoy when using this roof.

For more details, what is a good PVC Rooftop for your home, take a look:

here are the PVC Rooftop Specifications:

Total width: 820 mm

Effective Width: 770 mm (after overlap)

Length: 6/8/10/12 m / Custom *

Material: High Performance uPVC with UV Protection & Heat Stabilizer

Color: Light Blue, White, Custom Color *

Tilt Angle: 15 ° **

Rarely Reng / Gording: 1.2 M

Type: Doff (Solid Color), Semi Transparent

Total thickness: 10 mm

Weight: 4.2 kg / m 'or 5.45 kg / m²

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