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Atap Upvc Alderon
Atap Upvc Alderon
Atap Upvc Alderon
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Specification of Atap Upvc Alderon

Strong, lightweight, easy to install and very resistant to the sunAt Impack, we believe that quality products can improve the wearer's quality of life. The Alderon roof produced by Impack is a version that has been reformulated and updated. Now, Roof Alderon is a hollow wave roof with excellent performance, made and formulated using the best raw materials. Very strong and sturdy.The Alderon roof is reinforced with a UV protective formula, protects the Alderon from Ultra Violet rays and erratic weather, making it durable, not easily broken, and keeps the Alderon colors beautiful for a long time.Now, you no longer have to bother installing a heat-retaining foil under your roof, the hollow roof structure of Alderon can reduce the incoming heat significantly, making the room underneath cool and comfortable.The Alderon roof is formulated using the best ingredients, making it resistant to liquids and the influence of chemicals.SPECIFICATIONS: ALDERON ROOF
Width: 885 mm (effective 830 mm)
Length (Max): 11, 900 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
Weight: 4, 66 Kg / M´
 Excess Alderon Roof
• Excellent resistance to chemicals
• Not easy to wear off
• Very strong
• Soundproof / No Noisy
• Performance on Fire; Will Turn Off By itself If Burned
• Low Maintenance Costs
• Environmentally friendlyAlderon Roof Application
• Chemical Plant
• Patio, Canopies & Awnings
• Warehouse of Chemicals
• Parking lot
• Livestock
• Walkways
• Car repair shop

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