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Conwood Plank
Conwood Plank
Conwood Plank
Conwood Plank
Conwood Plank
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Specification of Conwood Plank

Conwood Plank
~ Plank 1 ″
Conwood Plank 1 ″ is an innovative wood substitute that has been developed to be a decorative solution for both interior design and exterior walls. This sturdy and easy to install product is a very suitable alternative for real wood.SpecificationThickness: 2.5 cmWidth: 10 cmLength: 305 cmWeight: 8.22 kg / fruit~ Conwood Plank 2 ″
Conwood Plank 2 ″ is a multifunctional product that can be used for many purposes, and provides a classic modern look for each room. This is a durable product that can be used creatively to present a wooden theme in your home or other building.Specification
Thickness: 1.6 cm
Width: 5 cm
Length: 305 cm
Weight: 3.12 kg / fruit
~ Conwood Plank 8 ″
Conwood Plank 8 ″ provides a classic, natural look to any building exterior that is free from the threat of weathering and termites. This decorative product resembles real wood but has a long lasting beauty and can withstand all weather conditions.SpecificationThickness: 0.8 cmWidth: 20 cmLength: 305 cmWeight: 6.7 kg / fruit

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