Decking WPC Lantai Outdoor KA 150 K25 D Kayu Asri
Decking WPC Lantai Outdoor KA 150 K25 D Kayu Asri
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23 Jun 2020
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Specification of Decking WPC Lantai Outdoor KA 150 K25 D Kayu Asri

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking consists of high quality teak wood powder
high and thermoplastic polymer composites. WPC decking contains up to 60% of powder
teak wood, equipped with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), coupling agents, UV
stabilizer and coloring. Usually, composite wood deck boards are used for outdoors.
Referring to the Nova Institute data, installation of WPC Decking Products consists of 6% of
total market capacity. In the next few years, WPC decking material will become
more popular and is expected to take over the market as an ecological alternative to
tropical wood. WPC Decking Products No need to be painted, stain resistant and waterproof, and very
ideal for use anywhere, because it is environmentally friendly and durable and easy
cleaned and care.
Benefits and Advantages of WPC Kayu Asri Wood Decking:
Resistant to humidity and weather fluctuations
Even extreme temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight and high humidity are not
affect the physical and mechanical properties of WPC. WPC decking is also very resistant to
UV light.
Elastic and resistant to cracks
WPC decking is resistant to impact, and very resistant to the effects of mold and insects.
So it can be used for a very long period of time.
Easy installation and maintenance
Installation requires standard equipment. Composite decking does not need to be painted or oiled.
Dirt can be easily removed using water in general.
Eco-friendly and economical
WPC decking is made from environmentally friendly materials and is 100% recyclable. No
a tree was cut down for the production of decking boards. The wood fiber used is taken
from a carpentry factory surplus.
Durability with a 5-10 year warranty
WPC decking has a warranty period of 5-10 years. against color, cracking as well as breaking against
weather or sunlight.

By adding natural elements into your wood flooring components, the house will
it feels cooler and more beautiful. Increasingly the need for wood floors that are sturdy and strong
more and more. WPC Kayu Asri as a provider of composite wood or Wood Plastic
Composit (WPC) provides solutions to beautify your home through products
WPC Decking or Kayu Asri Floor.

Made from recycled materials that are environmentally friendly, and resistant to various weather conditions.
Making wpc decking products or WPC Kayu Asri wood floors is very feasible
wooden floor of your house. WPC Kayu Asri as a provider of composite wood or Wood Plastic
Composit (WPC) provides a solution to beautify your home through
WPC Decking products or Asri Wood WPC Flooring.

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