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Genteng Metal Pasir
Genteng Metal Pasir
Genteng Metal Pasir
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Specification of Genteng Metal Pasir

METAL SAND FLOORMetal Sand Tile is a roof material made of metal. Like roofs of other materials, this roof is used to cover a house or building.The advantages of metal roof tiles compared to concrete tiles and other roofing materials are very light, weighing only one tenth of a concrete roof. This metal roof is very suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas or those that have peat soil (Kalimantan, Sumatra).But after the earthquake in Yogyakarta, the views of the people on Java island began to turn to Metal Tile, because if an earthquake occurs the process of shifting from a metal roof can be minimized because between one and the other the glue is very strong.Evidenced by several buildings in Yogyakarta that use metal roofs such as Winongo Elementary School and Ganjuran Church whose Metal Tile does not suffer significant damage, compared to using other tiles.Because of the lightness of the metal roof does not overload the building, it also has beautiful colors that cannot be owned by concrete tiles or anything else.
ADVANTAGE OF SAND METAL TILESSand metal tile is a modern tile replacement for conventional soil tile made of metal laminated with polypropylane and sand powder to reduce the heat of the sun and reduce the sound of rain falling on the roof so it is not noisy when it rains.Made from Zincalume and the bottom is coated with alluminium coating back coat zinc, polyster paint and zinc phosphate. while the top is coated with zinc alluminium coating top coat, primary epoxy, zinc phosphate, chip stone, synthetic resin and acrylic finishing.Using this type of tile many advantages, including light, strong, cheap and efficient.

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