Tile Tegola Type PREMIUM TRADITIONAL Genteg Asphalt

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04 Feb 2022
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Asphalt Tile

Specification of Tile Tegola Type PREMIUM TRADITIONAL Genteg Asphalt

Tegola Premium Traditional

Tegola Premium Traditional, asphalt tile, bitumen roof, made in Italy, comes with a Premium version, the best roof with international quality, lasting up to 40 years.

The advantages of Tegola Premium Traditional:

• Shingle form (traditional)

• Strip Shingles

• Flat

• International Quality

• Light

• Flexible

• 100% leak-proof

• Warranty up to 40 years.

Premium Traditional Tegola Roof / Asphalt Roof / Bitumen Roof / Asphalt Shingles with the product name of traditional premium tegola roof, specifically for projects with international standards, which really emphasize standardization and the beauty of buildings, the best asphalt shingles products that have been proven in various developed countries, have used a premium tegola roof because of the quality that has been tested for decades.

Imported roofs from Italy, a producer of asphalt tile products that have been used in 92 countries in the world, have undoubted quality, internationally certified, which is recognized worldwide in producers of bituminous roof types of canadese.

40 years warranty, this roof offers a maximum material guarantee for 40 years, so you don't have to worry if there is damage to the roof not accidentally, a very important investment for your home and building.

Traditional tegola bitumen tiles are shingle-shaped with 5-tabs on each sheet, equipped with a striped adhesive glue made from bitumen on top of the tile sheet, which is useful as an adhesive that helps facilitate installation and also as a marker for installing roof nails, so that there are no more mistakes in installing the bitumen roof.

The precise size of the roof also greatly influences the installation of the roof, not even more or less 1 mm (millimeter), because this one roof manufacturer has the latest production technology.

7 Color choices of rocks that have been coated with dyes are burned using a tank with a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, to get maximum results in waterproofing, colored rocks are also useful for reflecting / withstanding ultraviolet rays, so that the house is cooler. various color variants that you choose to match your home or theme.

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