Safety Glasses or Project Glasses

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Specification of Safety Glasses or Project Glasses

Safety Glasses Protect You from the Risk of Eye Injury

The main function of safety glasses is to protect your eyes from the risk of being exposed to foreign objects or objects that can cause eye injury and other vision problems. Safety glasses are generally used by people working in sectors that have a high risk of eye injury, including construction workers, the chemical industry, manufacturing, mining, and workshop.

There are several objects or foreign objects that can be anytime and anywhere, whether consciously or unconsciously, get into the eyes and disturb the health of your eyes. Some of these dangerous foreign objects include projectiles (dust, small particles, etc.), chemicals, radiation (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.), and body fluids or blood that contain bacteria or viruses.

Before buying safety glasses at a safety glasses store, you should first understand when and what type of eye protection is appropriate. Not every situation and condition requires safety glasses as a means of protection. Safety glasses are eye protection devices that have a general function. In addition to safety, you can also use safety glasses, helmets, and face shields.

Saftey glasses you should use if you are working in an area where there are lots of particles and flying objects. These objects include dust and sand. The type of safety glasses used must be special with protection on both sides. In addition to the type that is adapted to the situation and conditions, the protective glasses you use must be glasses that comply with applicable safety standards.

• Safety Glasses

Saftey glasses consist of safety lenses, safety frames and protectors on both sides. Safety glasses have been designed to protect the wearer from the threat of flying foreign objects. Safety glasses are basic and general protection that are used as a means of everyday protection.

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