Gas Stove Plant Hock 2 Furnace Optima Crystal HB-220 OC

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17 Dec 2021
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Specification of Gas Stove Plant Hock 2 Furnace Optima Crystal HB-220 OC


The elegant minimalist design makes the Hock cooktop suitable for those of you who want to
has a simple kitchen interior design and a stove that is more practical to clean.
Long lasting mat
Made of thick cast iron which is resistant to high temperatures up to 1200°C and anti-porous.
Brass Burner
Made of thick real brass and the innovative design results in a more even and larger fire.
Tempered Glass
Tempered Crystal Glass is resistant to high temperatures, glossy surface which is very elegant and easy to clean.
The burner cap design innovation used on the Hock Hock is capable of
distribute the blue flame efficiently and evenly so that the food cooks faster.
Safety Sensor
Eliminate the worry of gas leaks because the Hock cooktop has been equipped with a safety sensor that automatically stops the combustion process when there is a leak in the burner and prevents a fire from occurring.

Wok Adapter
Cooking a variety of dishes with the wok becomes more comfortable with the wok adapter which is specially designed to follow the contours of the wide wok so that the wok placement is more stable.
More Free Cooking
More flexible placement between furnaces
allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes
at the same time more comfortably.
Tempered Crystal Glass
The stove body is made of luxurious tempered crystal glass and is heat and load resistant.
Safe with leak-proof safety system
Equipped with a leak-proof safety system that can cut off the gas flow when the fire suddenly goes out.
Big blue fire
Generating a large blue flame makes your cooking faster and saves gas.
Genuine brass stamp burner
The burner is made of real brass so it is durable and long lasting.
Strong and sturdy cooktop design
The cooktop design is made of thick cast iron (cast iron) which is strong and sturdy, also coated with quality enamel which is easy to clean.
Equipped with Wok Adapter
Cooking in a large skillet is made easier with an adapter wok.
Weight and Dimension
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 860 x 481 x 158
Cut-out Dimensions: 790 - 813 x 451 - 469,
R0-R85 Weight including packaging: 16.77 kg

Technical specifications
Heat intake:
- left: 3.69 kW
- right: 2.92 kW
Gas type: LPG (low pressure)
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