Plafonesia PVC Ceiling PB009 Bronze

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03 Dec 2021
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Specification of Plafonesia PVC Ceiling PB009 Bronze

Plafonesia PVC ceiling PB009 4m x 20cm x 7mm

Oriental design is the innate culture of eastern culture originating from China, Japan, Korea, Persia, Vietnam and Thailand. Oriental design itself is divided into two color elements: calm colors and dramatic colors. The oriental style that is often used is dominated by China and Japan. This is because the two countries had victories in the empire which influenced oriental culture itself. Calligraphy motifs, flowers and natural elements such as wood are often used in oriental motifs. As for dramatic colors, oriental styles tend to use red, black and gold.

To fulfill your oriental taste, we also provide pvc ceilings with soft oriental motifs and are suitable for use in public spaces such as cafes, hotels, etc. Oriental motifs can give the impression of a light and airy room.

This motif can also be combined with color elements or other motifs that will support the creation of a modern oriental atmosphere. You can use this material for the ceiling or partition walls of the room.

Nowadays PVC material is enjoyed more by many people, especially knowing that the house will look more beautiful if you use this material. In addition, the use of PVC material also has many advantages, including the following:

1. Anti Leak

This is the main advantage and is one of the factors that make it durable and long lasting, namely leak-proof, especially during the rainy season. This is of course because PVC is the same as that used to make water pipes.

2. Anti Termites

If a ceiling made of plywood or gypsum is prone to termites and fungi, this is different from PVC. That is why PVC ceilings are called the best ceilings.

3. Does not spread fire

4. Durable and Long Lasting

It turns out that this type of ceiling has good quality, which is classified as durable and can last for years.

5. No Need to Require Painting Process

Because PVC ceilings have many motifs of more than 100 motifs.

6. Easy to Clean

If the ceiling of your house is dirty and a lot of dust, just clean it with a broom or wipe.

7. Not easily broken

Its flexible nature makes PVC material not easily broken, making it easier for the installation process

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