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Promo Aluminium Foil Celltech ZT-05BBR
Promo Aluminium Foil Celltech ZT-05BBR
Promo Aluminium Foil Celltech ZT-05BBR
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Sell Promo Aluminium Foil Celltech ZT-05BBR

Specification of Promo Aluminium Foil Celltech ZT-05BBR

Aluminium Foil Zelltech is the product for the best reflectif insulation heat insulation type for now, with modern innovations, and with many advantages, including :

1. Reflecting heat energy from solar radiation

2. Heat insulation with strong durability with 10 years of use

3. More economical, because of the old age of use

4. can save ac costs up to 60% or even 100% <if the AC is not used>

5. Easy to install, fast and efficient without using mesh/ wire support

6. Light

7. There is no health risk, anti-fungal and corrosion due to weather

8. does not shrink, aesthetically good

9. save the earth from global warming, and a myriad of other advantages.


Al/ FRbigbubble / Wovenfabric/Al

Sheet Size 1,2 x 30 m

He bubble. 20 mm / 8 mm thick

Weight of 500 gr / m2

Reflectivity 96-97%

Emissivity 0,03 -0,04

99,9% pure aluminium foil, fiber-free does not produce corrosion, resistant to insects

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