Orange Project Safety Vest With Reflector

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16 Mar 2022
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Specification of Orange Project Safety Vest With Reflector

A project safety vest is a type of vest that is equipped with a reflector, a material that can glow when exposed to light. The existence of a reflector on the vest makes it easier for others to recognize the position of the worker so as to minimize the risk of accidents.

Efforts to Ensure Worker Safety

Special Design to Prevent Work Accidents

Project safety vests are different from vests in general. This specially designed vest for safety is useful for preventing accidents caused by collisions or dangerous contacts.

In addition, the vests are made in bright colors, such as yellow, orange, or bright green. The colors can be seen from a great distance so that others can be more careful not to hit the vest wearer, either on the road or at the project site.

Comfortable to Wear and Waterproof

The project safety vest is made of special materials, namely parasites, taslan (nylon taslon), micro fiber, ribstock / ribstop, drill / twill, net, polyster, plastic reflector, 3m scotlight. In addition, the vest is equipped with a zipper using a coil / metal, accessories such as rubber, velcro, buttons, and snap buttons. These materials were chosen because they are comfortable to wear and waterproof.

Visible and Makes Others More Careful

Project safety vests are used day and night so that workers can still carry out their work without neglecting safety. For example, those who work on the highway wear safety vests so that they are easily seen, so that they are easily recognized and are not hit by road riders.

The same applies to project workers who are active at night. The lack of lighting increases the risk of work accidents, for example being hit by heavy equipment operated by colleagues. However, by wearing a safety vest, this risk can be overcome

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