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Silicon Sealant Wacker HA
Silicon Sealant Wacker HA
Silicon Sealant Wacker HA
Silicon Sealant Wacker HA
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Sell Silicon Sealant Wacker HA

Specification of Silicon Sealant Wacker HA

WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) is a high-strength adhesive, not containing acrylic. WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) is a brand that can be used for attachments in all surfaces.

WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) can dry inside the room temperature even though it results in a hard permanent rubber.

• Tanpabau
•       Durable
• Not dripping
• Easy to use on temperature + 50c and + 500c
• Stable at temperatures of -400c to + 800c
• Fast, strong, very hard and not moving even though it is glued in water
• Very good adhesive for the type of face and wet surface
• Not corrosive and not easy
• Can be transferred and delivered
• Failure to deal with various types of media such as minerals, solvents, acids and alkalis.

• To glue many kinds of materials such as wood, glass, plastic or materials based on minerals.
• Also used for decorating temples, boards, sanitary napkins, coatings / walls, and heat retarding panels / insulators in the construction industry.
• To improve the work of material work done alone and for sale.
• For bonding to be sanded and painted after drying.

WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) produces a material that is very good for additional assistance in many materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic or materials based on minerals.
Users are expected to be independent samples of materials because WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) can be attached to a variety of materials.

The gluing area must be clean, dry and free of materials such as dust, dirt, rust, oil and other contaminants. Unmatched material must be cleaned using clean, non-fiber cloths which are solvent-resistant. Remove the output before evaporating with a clean dry cleaner. For applications, the pots are bottled up to a single hole, then attach the nozzle above and cut the head nozzle according to the size of the field that you want to apply.

WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) will dry longer if it is placed on a low temperature, the humidity of the air is small. Users are responsible for pre-testing the ability of WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) in each surface of the material to be attached. The incompatibility of materials such as coatings or organic plasticizers will cause changes in the color of lizardemsilikon WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE). WACKER® cannot make waste material all materials can be attached with WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE). To get rid of doubts, users are expected to try first.

Use before the expiration date of the bottled bottle for optimal application.

The excess storage expiration determined on the label does not mean that the non-production product can be used. However, in these cases, it will be better to use it before the expiration date to cover the product.

WACKER® HA (HYBRID ADHESIVE) is usually treated in standard-sized bottles that meet the standard caulking content.

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