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Silicone Sealant Wacker WS
Silicone Sealant Wacker WS
Silicone Sealant Wacker WS
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Specification of Silicone Sealant Wacker WS

WACKER® WS - SUPERIOR WEATHERSEAL is a one-piece neutral silicone sealant that will not stain the exterior media. This shows good without primer adhesion in most building materials and displays weather resistance and durability.

WACKER® WS - SUPERIOR WEATHER cures at room temperature in the presence of atmospheric moisture to provide permanent flexible silicone rubber.

Special features

    Long shelf life
    Easy to shoot at low temperatures (+5 ° C) and high (+40 ° C)
    Very good tooling property
    Very good non-stain
    Great weather
    Very good adhesion
    Extraordinary durability


WACKER® WS - SUPERIOR WEATHERSEAL is usually provided in standard size cartridges that are compatible with all standard caulking guns. Also available in comfortable sausages.




The colors shown on this page may differ from the actual product colors and so make sure the actual colors from our sales representatives before your purchase.

Developed to seal external and internal connections and expansion connections where unstained material is desired
Equally suitable for stone and ceramic connections and aluminum curtain walls and panel joints

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