SK Utama Mortar Packed in 40 Kg Sacks

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10 Dec 2021
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Specification of SK Utama Mortar Packed in 40 Kg Sacks

Instant Cement

SK Utama is cement mortar with all its advantages compared to ordinary cement such as: having high adhesive power, practical and fast in its application, economical and environmentally friendly. SK Utama Mortar provides several types of variants of use, namely:
light brick adhesive, to glue lighter masks that are stronger than using ordinary cement mixes (regardless of the mixture composition between sand and cement),
stucco walls that are crack resistant and strong,
acian for both inside and outside walls
In general, SK Utama Mortar is instant cement or mortar containing mixtures including cement, silica sand, plus "additives" which will be mixed into one compound (homogeneous).
The additives used in the mixture of SK Utama Mortar aim to make it resistant to vibration, crack resistance, pressure resistance and water penetration resistance, work and time efficiency and practicality, with the addition of additives making the cement mortar very different in its class compared to ordinary cement.
By looking at the price that is not much different, but the quality is certainly far different, SK Utama Mortar is a smart alternative for consumers or developers or contractors in order to improve the quality of buildings with almost the same budget as using ordinary cement, especially those using brick wall pairs light.
SK Utama Mortar is a smart choice for those who want quality and robustness no longer need to incur large costs. Even at the same cost as using general cement, they can get the quality of the building that is super and durable.

Instant cement or mortar cement for light brick wall pairs, both for the construction of houses and multi-storey buildings. Semen Mortar SK Utama has been widely used for the installation of lightweight bricks for private home projects, housing and multi-storey buildings besides being known for its good quality and proven adhesion as well as its economical price so that it can provide efficiency in terms of the budget.
The following are the advantages of SK Main Mortar Instant Cement:
1. More economical
2. Practical
3. Easy and fast application
3. The results of pairs are neater
4. High adhesion
- ACC Light Brick 7.5 cm: 16 m / sack 40 kg / thickness application 3 mm
- Lightweight Brick ACC 10 cm: 10 m / sack 40 kg / thickness application 3 mm

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