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Tangki Air Grand Luxe
Tangki Air Grand Luxe
Tangki Air Grand Luxe
Tangki Air Grand Luxe
Tangki Air Grand Luxe
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The Grand Luxe Water Tank is manufactured using modern blow molding technology. Made through a very perfect combustion process. So that it creates a plastic water tank without pores that are strong, shatterproof, and not easily deformed. Our Research and Development Department created an innovative water tank with 3 layers that have wavy contours. This innovative design provides good resistance to impact, the risk of falling and damage due to vibration. Triple Layer Technology - Outer Layer: Available in 3 colors, equipped with UV stabilizers to protect the tank from sun exposure. - Porous Layer: Dark colored middle layer to prevent sunlight from entering which can cause moss growth. - Inner Layer: Using 100% pure HDPE which is odorless to maintain water purity so it is safe for consumption. We provide a service guarantee for 15 years. Specification of Grand Luxe Water Reservoir: TYPE DIAMETER ø Height h (neck) (mm) Height H (Top) (mm) Grand Luxe 300 Liter 670 970 1080 Grand Luxe 600 Liters 880 1080 1180 Grand Luxe 1100 Liters 1070 1380 1490 Grand Luxe 2200 Liters 1280 1680 1850 The advantages of the GRAND LUXE Water Tank: 1. 100% ORIGINAL HDPE Raw Material 2. Tasted Food Material Safe to Eat 3. Nepel Leakproof Planting 4. Sturdy and Durable 5. Resistant to Extreme Weather Changes Multiple Layer: Consists of 3 layers of technology OUTDOOR LAYER, Each tank is equipped with UV stabilization so that the tank will be protected from long-term damage. MIDDLE LINING, a dark layer of light absorbs incoming sunlight which can cause the formation of algae and moss in the tank IN LAYER, Using 100% pure odorless and white HDPE material, preserves the purity of water so that it is completely safe for consumption.

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