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Tangki Air Grand Plastik
Tangki Air Grand Plastik
Tangki Air Grand Plastik
Tangki Air Grand Plastik
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Specification of Tangki Air Grand Plastik

Today's Tedmond Grand water tank / water tank is increasingly becoming a basic necessity of every family home, office, industry, warehousing and every large building. Our Fiberglass water tank is a quality product, it is very safe to store clean water for consumption every day, and also for storing ready-to-drink water.The function of the Water Tank is to hold raw water and processed product water filter or RO filter machine.Expensive building materials do not necessarily fit the needs of your home. In contrast, cheap building materials / materials are not always of poor quality. So when you plan to choose building materials, you must be good at choosing building materials.Advantages of Tedmond Grand Tandon Air:
1. Safe for chemicals.2. Safe and Consumable Tasted Food Grade Material.3.Body without connection, Anti Shatter.4. Sturdy and durable.5. Resistant to Extreme Weather Changes.Standard Size or Grand Polyethlene Tank Capacity (TGP).TGP 300, TGP 600, TGP 700, TGP 900, TGP 1100, TGP 1200, TGP 2200, TGP 3300, TGP 5500, TGP 12,000.Grand Tank Wall Coating:1.Outer Layer, which is a colored layer equipped with Ultra Violet (UV) Protection to inhibit the growth of moss.2. Porous Layer, namely Foam Texture to resist impact so it is not easily broken and more elastic, and maintain temperature and tank.3.Inner Layer, which is a white odorless and slimy layer as a guarantee of hygiene for holding clean water. Smooth surface to facilitate cleaning of the tank.

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