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14 Mar 2022
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Specification of Tangki Air Tedmond Grand Stainless

Tedmond Groups is one of the leading Tandon Air companies in Indonesia. Considering the competitiveness to meet the increasingly high market needs, the company Tedmond Groups always develops a mature marketing and production planning strategy. So that we will always be able to meet the increasingly diverse market needs. Armed with long experience we are committed to making a better life with new ideas and brilliant technology through the products we produce today.
The function of the tank is to hold water in very large quantities. Judging from the ingredients of the tank there are 3 types, namely from plastic material PE (poly Etilene) and from stainless steel Tank made of plastic PE (poly Etilene) the inside is equipped with a layer of anti-moss so as to maintain the quality of water stored therein. This type of tank is widely used in the world of refill water, bottled water, housing, apartments, and in industry, mainly used for the storage of raw water before going through a water treatment process. This tank cannot be used to hold oil, oil or chemical liquids because it will damage the physical condition of the tank itself.
Using this Stainless Steel Tank the cleanliness of the water is more guaranteed. The advantages of using a Stainless Steel tank include anti-rust, anti-fungal, anti-moss so the tank will last longer.
Stainless Steel Tanks are manufactured using high quality materials (Stainless Steel 304 8% nickel content / magnetism not attached) that have characteristics; strong, durable, hygienic and unmatched. With strict standards and quality control processes, combined with Dual Protective Coating & Total Wash Technology to provide optimal performance that is long-lasting in the long run. Available in two types, namely: WITH LEGS and WITHOUT LEGS, with various choices of fill capacity.
Advantages of stainless steel tank
The Stainless Tank cannot be broken or cracked
Stainless Tank Does not infer moss
The Stainless Tank is light but strong
Stainless Tank Equipped with support legs to facilitate draining, karma, drain holes, at the bottom of the tank
Stainless tanks have thicknesses ranging from 0, 5 mm to 0.8 mm.
Stainless Tank has a Capacity of 550 Ltr - 30,000 Ltr
Stainless tank with a warranty of 5-10 years

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