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Turbine Ventilator
Turbine Ventilator
Turbine Ventilator
Turbine Ventilator
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Specification of Turbine Ventilator

Turbine VentilatorTurbine Ventilator is a type of exhaust fan or roof fan, where the function of the tool is to suck hot air, dust, and also functions as a means of ventilation or air circulation. Automatic Turbine Ventilator does not use electricity, is maintenance free, and can work for 24 hours so it is far more efficient than the exhaust fan and roof fan.It has been proven to be able to overcome the problem of hot, stuffy and dirty air from indoors and reduce moisture.
Free of charge (Operational Fee).
Maintenance free.
Strong and Light.
Not rusty and not noisy.
Make the work space more comfortable (normal or decent air circulation) so that it can increase employee productivity.
Suitable for various types of roof and building applications such as factories, warehouses, multipurpose rooms, futsal courts, residential houses, houses of worship, offices, restaurants and others.Turbine Ventilators will rotate only with weak winds, but also can withstand high wind speeds. The rotation of the Turbine Ventilator is also caused by the difference in air pressure inside and outside the room, where naturally the hot air in the room will flow and press out through the Turbine fins and make the Turbine Ventilator Automatically rotate. Thus there is or no wind, the turbine ventilator will always rotate to suck hot air in the room.

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