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l Polycarbonate Roof, Transparent Roof with Various Advantages

Polycarbonate Roofing Material is a very special and unique polymer material. Using different materials from polymers from other thermoplastic resins, polycarbonate has the characteristics of a very strong, transparent, clear, temperature resistant, and is good for electrical equipment and a high index of refraction.

Polycarbonate is chosen as a roofing material for glass replacement which is very good and resistant to various weather conditions. Often applied as natural lighting on skylights.

Strong and Shock Resistant

Polycarbonate is very strong. For example, Polycarbonate with a thickness of 3 mm can withstand a ball weighing 4 kg that falls from a height of 9.5 meters, 3 times in a row, and is not damaged or destroyed. This makes polycarbonate suitable for police riot shields, ice-hockey divider partitions, airplane windows and all applications requiring high resistance to impact.

Easy to Shape Unlike glass,

polycarbonate has a flexible structure making it easy to print and easy to shape or bend as needed. Even some polycarbonates can also have motifs and textures.

Clear Like Glass

If we compare with a solid sheet, polycarbonate has the same clarity and transparency as glass, but is 200 times stronger against impact and has a weight of only half the weight of glass per m2 of the same thickness, lighter than glass With an average weight of only 1 kilograms per sheet, polycarbonate is very light and easy to carry, making it easy to install. The use of polycarbonate will save your structural costs.

Can transmit light

Polycarbonate has the ability to transmit light very well, which is up to 89%. So it is very suitable when applied as a canopy roof, garden roof, clothesline roof, greenhouse roof or roof in other rooms that need sunlight. Keep in mind that polycarbonate roofing is not intended to reduce heat, but the use of polycarbonate can reduce the energy consumption of electric lighting.

Beautiful Color Choices

Polycarbonate comes not only in clear clear color, but has a variety of beautiful colors such as blue, green, gray, brown, turquoise and others. With so many color choices in polycarbonate, the needs for building or room decoration can also be fulfilled. Of course, these colors have different light transmission percentages. The darker, the smaller the percentage of light transmission produced.

Has UV Protection An important advantage of polycarbonate is that it has protection from harmful UV rays. As well as protecting us from the sting of UV rays, the co-extruded UV coating on the polycarbonate surface aids outdoor durability, preventing discoloration or yellowing or brittleness for a long time.

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