Tandon Air MARINE Plastik PE

AIR MARINE PLASTIC TANDON PEWater Reservoir / Water Tank "MARINE" with EASY CLEAN & DRAIN system that makes the process of filling and draining the water reservoir easier. Made with the best raw material Polyethylene (PE) and through a strict production process to produce quality water reservoir products.- UV Protection System: with 3 layers of material produces a UV protection system that protects the inside of the tank from direct sunlight.- Temperature Stabilizer: to keep the temperature in the tank stable in various weather conditions.- Easy to Clean and Drain: has a bottom drain system to facilitate the storage process of good drainageFREE:- 1 PVC PLUG,- 3 Pas Adapters- 1 Automatic Buoy- 1 foot 400mm ReservoirColor Options: Blue and Orange

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