Tangki Air Stainless Steel MARINE

PREMIUM Stainless Steel Marine Water Tank

FREE 1 PVC Plug & 3 Adapter Fittings
FREE Water Switch Level (Buoy)
FREE Strong and Sturdy Leg Support

- Good corrosion resistance and non-magnetic character.
- More suitable for use in the culinary industry, hotels, hospitals, or special eating areas for babies.
- Re-Polishing Process or Chromium Resurfacing after the Welding Process has been made - Stainless Steel Marine Water Tanks have excellent corrosion resistance capability even in vulnerable / critical areas (Welding Joints)
- Can be used to collect PAM water & is not suitable for water in areas near the beach.
- Made with the best material SS 304 L (Less carbon) has softer properties so it is not easily broken and cracked during the production process.
- Has a light weight but has a strong endurance.
- Equipped with feet to facilitate the placement and process of cleaning and draining.

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