The roof of the house is the part that covers the top of the building that serves to protect you from rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extreme temperatures. Despite having this function, now many have been created in various forms. Starting from the flat shape, wavy, domed, until in combination. Not only that, now the materials used in making this product are also diverse. Starting from asphalt, clay and concrete, metal, to the latest is UPVC material.    Not easy to leakUPVC material from Shunda Roofing has solid properties and is waterproof so that it will not absorb water and you will avoid leakage.    Color Is Not Easy To FadeThe surface of UPVC material on Shunda Roofing is protected by a layer of ASA which can maintain color for a long period of time.    Resistant to All WeatherThe ASA coating on Shunda Roofing is able to protect your roof from exposure to UV rays, hot or cold weather, making it durable and not easily damaged.    Easy to CleanHaving solid properties makes this UPVC home tile from Shunda Roofing has a perfect self-cleaning performance.    Quick InstallationThe UPVC sheet from Shunda Roofing is lightweight making it easy for the installation process.    SoundproofSo that you do not feel disturbed when doing activities inside the house, UPVC roof from Shunda Roofing is designed with soundproofing capabilities so that it is not noisy during heavy rains and strong angina.    Environmentally friendlyUPVC material has the ability to be recycled, so it is certain that tile made from UPVC from Shunda Roofing does not contain elements that endanger health and is very environmentally friendly.

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