VEPO Stainless Steel water reservoirs are very suitable for use in multi-storey buildings, hotels, restaurants, universities, apartments, hospitals, sports buildings, warehousing and housing, as well as drinking water refill businesses;We provide Vepo stainless steel water reservoirs:
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoirs are designed using quality stainless steel SUS 304.
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoirs have been tested and are safe for drinking water needs of the whole family, because they are free of mold and are resistant to breaking. Although placed in the hot sun. So there is no need for budget funds for repairs because it is leaking or rusting.
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoirs are equipped with drain holes at the bottom of the water reservoir to facilitate cleaning. So that there is no dirt left when cleaned.
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoir is lightweight and easy to install, because it has legs.
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoirs are designed with flat inlet and outlet positions making pipe installation easy.
• Vepo brand stainless steel water reservoirs have sizes as needed: 300 liters, 500 liters, 750 liters, 1,000 liters, 1,200 liters, 1,650 liters, and 2,350 liters, 3,000 liters, 4,100 liters, 5,300 liters. And can accept other JUMBO size orders for feet and legs.The advantages of this Vepo Stainless steel water reservoir:
1. Looks luxurious, elegant, exclusive.
2. Not mossy so that the water remains hygienic.
3. Strong (not easily broken / cracked) and durable.
4. Not easy to rust (because the connection uses melted stainless).
5. Stainless uses FOOD GRADE (Stainless Steel SUS 304), so water is safe for consumption.
6. Affordable prices
7. 15 year warranty (not due to a misuse)
8. Prices include electric buoy + buffer leg.NB: FREE shipping to the Surabaya area, Sidoarjo city, Gresik city

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